FKUI ModuleReview: Indonesian Culture

Module at-a-glance:

Credit point(s) 

1 credit point 

Mean grade of class

Quality of English 


Hours of lecture 

5 lectures


1 plenary with 0 GD’s


  • ? % continual observation by the tutor
  • ? % group assignments and presentation
  • ? % final project (largest score)


Indonesian Culture Module?

    In International class, not all of the students are Indonesian, thus, basic comprehension of Indonesian Culture is needed by its students. The aim of this module is to make a good medical doctor that is cross-culturally sensitive and be ready to act accordingly in order to avoid miscommunication in carrying out his/her task.

What are the things we are going to learn?

    Actually, this module is a kind of review to your high school science class. So, many of the topics presented here is just a repetition.In this module you are going to learn about:

  • Elements of culture
  • Cultural approach to the understanding of cleanness and health
  • Cultural approach to the understanding of environment
  • Patterns of communication
  • Discourse strategy, FTA, and politeness    

    The learning will consist mostly by lectures. There will be also some role play and presentation of assignments about cultural index. Actually, there will be no summative examination in culture module but, all of the concept learned in class must be applied in your final project which is the largest determinant of your final grade.

What is Interesting in this module?

  1. Lectures

        Lectures that is held in this module is good. Frankly speaking, this module has the highest quality of English among the modules in the first semester. Feel like studying in London. 😀 . The content of the lectures are also quite good. Because of the good quality of the lecturers you will “actually culture is more important than what we think previously”. The lectures will also be an interactive one because


  2. Group Discussion

        There will be numerous small group discussions during the module, but no “specific” time for group discussion. In this module you are asked to make a slide about cultural index. This assignment is quite straightforward, try to find something simple but good.


  3. Final Project

    Because there is no summative examination in this module, the final project will be the largest determinant factor of your grade. Please do it seriously. To get a good grade in your final project, please incorporate concept that you have learned in the class to your essays. It will greatly increase the score of your essays. The important thing is the ability to balance your culture essay with logic take home exam which will also be collected at the same time.


Scoring and Remedials

    The scoring for this module is highly variative, this means that the score ranges from B- to A. So, work hard in this module and do your final project as good as possible to get the best score.

    All of the 2009 passes this module without remedial.


Good Luck Friends

Best regards,

Aldo Ferly

FKUI 2009


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