Newcastle University: A University on the River Tyne

Presentation about Newcastle university by Prof.Steve Yeaman, director of postgraduate study of Newcastle University. So, Newcastle University is going to make a new program with UI. They offered us a chance to study at NU to get a master degree. We will discuss the offer below.

A brief overview of Newcastle University

    Newcastle University is a university that is located in the city of Newcastle, United Kingdom. The city of Newcastle is small city, populated by only 300.000 inhabitants in the northern part of the United Kingdom.

Newcastle achievements in the academic world are:

  • University research ranking 17 from 162 universities in United Kingdom
  • Number 7th Medical School in the United Kingdom

Offer from Newcastle University

International class students has the following “life cycle” in the FKUI


Newcastle offers the students opportunity to gain MASTER degree during their overseas studies(not Barchellor degree as in Monash or Melbourne University). There are 2 main types of master degree offered by Newcastle University

  • M.Res
    • Stands for Master of Research
    • 12 months of study
      • 45 % coursework
        • Coursework means lecture-discussion-presentation. like our ordinary class
      • 55 % research project
    • Structure of the class:
      • Science taught module
        • 3 modules @ 20 credits
        • You can choose from 20 modules
      • Generic module à You must take these 2 modules
        • Bioethics
        • Medical statistic
      • Research project
        • Original research project
        • Pre-determined research projects
          • Example : Transplantation science, Immunobiology
        • Types of research
          • Laboratory based research
        • Assessment of research:
          • Written dissertation
          • Oral presentation
          • Paper presentation
    • What is special about this degree?
      • M.Res is one of the gateway to get Ph.D in the United Kingdom
      • Possiblity to do M.Res/Ph.D combination in 4 years
      • M.Res research project is a starting point for your Ph.D research
      • In the United Kingdom 60% score means that you are qualified for Ph.D program
    • So, the way to Ph.D degree is:
      • After you complete your clinical training you can join the Ph.D program by UI join with Newcastle University
  • M.Sc in Medical Genetics
    • Stands for Master of Science in Medical Genetics
    • This degree is more focused in genetics
    • 12 months of study
      • 50 % coursework
      • 50 % research projects
    • What you are going to expect in this course?
      • Human genetics
      • Molecular genetics
      • Application of medical genetics in clinical module
    • Can be combined with Ph.D in human genetics or Stem cell
  • Master of Clinical Education
  • M.Sc in Public Health
    • These 2 programs are less recommended than the above one

After we completed our Master degree, then we can complete our clinical years in the UI for 2 years then we can follow the Ph.D program from the NU also:

  • Ph.D
    • 3-4 years duration
    • If you already have M.Res you only need 3 years to get the degree
    • Possible join degree between 2 universities
      • UI and NU
    • Course structure
      • Year 1 : Skills training
      • Year 2 and 3: Full time research
      • Annual monitoring of progress

What are the Requirements for this course?

  • English Language
    • M.Res à IELTS score 6.5
    • M.Sc à IELTS score 7.0
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 – 4.0
  • It is open for International Class and Regular class program


Expected cost of living:

  • Tuition fees : 13.000 pounds
  • Living costs : 8.000 pounds

Total cost : 21.000 pounds

So, quite interesting isn’t it?



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