Kumpulan soal-soal sumatif 2 selgen

Kumpulan soal-soal SUMATIF 2

Aldo Ferly dan Ivan Sondakh

Catatan: Jawaban yang ada dibawah ini adalah jawaban aldo.. anda cek lagi ya jawaban yang benarnya di slide atau di lecture 😀 thx teman-teman sukses ya remednya

  1. This drug will induce hemolysis except …. Cephaloporin
  2. Person that makes vactination for cowpox …. Edward Jenner
  3. Protein that is not needed in neutrohpil rolling … Cadherin
  4. A innate immunity will use …. as receptor …Toll like receptor
  5. All of this is ROS except …. O2
  6. The making of NADP and O2 is catalyzed by cytochrome b558
  7. Making of OCl- is ….. Myeloperoxidase
  8. In primary response …. is high (IGM
  9. A white blood cell that scan malignancy is …. NK cell
  10. The earliest response immune cell is … Neutrohpile
  11. Organele that is used to oxidize microbe is … lysosome
  12. Organelle that is lacking in fabris disease is … Lysosome
  13. Macrophage can differentiate into … except … Langerhans Beta
  14. Metabolism pathway of oxygen burst is ….. (HMP Shunt)
  15. If the response stop at Th-1 ….. (Only cellular response)
  16. Sinyal-1 is a cooperation of …… MHC2-TCR-CD4
  17. Traits which are influenced by multiple alleles ….. Polygene
  18. This is true according to the text AABBCC-black aabbcc-white, except …… The black and white difference between this 2 individuals is caused by incomplete dominance/partial dominance
  19. This cells act as immunocompetent cell except …….. Neutrohpils
  20. The following is true about HLA except …… Coded from different locus
  21. Allele Frequency counting
  22. The heterozygote individual number is …… (Rumus heterozygote : 2 p q)
  23. Mother and father which is carrier cystic fibrosis, want to have a female without cystic fibrosis what is the change ? ( ¼ x ½ = 1/8)
  24. Same as 23, male with cystic fibrosis and female with cystic fibrosis (1/8 + 1/8 = 2/8 –>1/4)
  25. PVC tasting ….. heterozygote?? (2 PQ)
  26. Direct flow to the neighbor …. (Gap junction)
  27. This is all the characteristic of cell except ….. ( All cell reproduce )
  28. This is the characterisitc of homeostasis ….. (all correct)
  29. If blood pressure drops, which control system take action? (extrinsic control system)
  30. Example of paracrine is …. Chemical mediator for white blood cell to communicate with each other
  31. Example of second messenger is …. cAMP
  32. “wired” communication signal is ….. Neuron
  33. Which of the following is the control system of the body …. all is correct
  34. Action potential begins with …..
  35. Action potential obeys the following except ….

A boy 37 years old with coarse facial feature go to RSCM to check up …………………..

  1. The boy is diagnosed with Fabris disease a defect in organelle ……. (lysosome)
  2. Fabris disease is diturunkan melalui …. (autosomal recessive)
  3. To treat fabris we must use …. Enzymatic treatment

A boy with mongoloid case came to RSCM hospital

  1. The likely disease the boy is having is … (down syndrome)
  2. The test for this boy is ….. (Karyotyping)
  3. This boy condition is caused by ….. (trisomi)
  4. What is the best advice for his parents? (genetic counselling)
  5. What is the principle that same treatment for all patient? (JUSTICE)
  6. A person get cardiac arrest, the real mollecular defect in the cells is … (Mitochondrial damage)
  7. A person get LHON, the necrosis that the person is having is … (Liquefarctive necrosis)
  8. A person get pancreasitis, the necrosis that this perosn is having is …. (Fat necrosis)
  9. Alternatively activated macrophage is due to ….. IL-4
  10. Reperfusion injury is due to …. ROS activity
  11. A person leg is black, what kind of necrosis is this ? Coagulative necrosis
  12. A person leg is black, what is the true statement of this? Bacterial infection
  13. The pigment in person liver is …. Malaria
  14. The accumulation of carbon is due to ….. Macrophage
  15. A person given aspirin will have a damage in …. Vasodilation
  16. ….. activate microphage (Lymphocyte T Cell)
  17. A person coughing with sputum, the possible inflamation is … Granulomatous
  18. A person hand is red, this is mainly due to (vasodilation)
  19. A person with myocardial infarction will …. in 3 months (recover with scar)
  20. The function of TGF-B is …… (Important fibrogenic agent)
  21. A person is having virus infection. What kind of inflammation is this? (chronic inflammation)
  22. Succinicholine apnea is caused by the defect in enzyme …. (Butylychronileestrase)
  23. Poor metabolizer is associated with … Parkinsonism
  24. The clinical relevance of extensive vs poor metablizer drug is….. if patient is sick
  25. Malignant hyperthermia is …. (autosomal dominant)
  26. Which is concerned by pharmacogenetics…. (blood in plasma is high because CYP deactivation)
  27. Which is less concerned in pharmacogenetics ? (Exitation of drug by urine)
  28. A person is having stroke, what kind of necrosis you are expected to face? Liquerfarctive necrosis
  29. Infection by bacteria in the lung is what kind of inflammation? Suppurative inflammation
  30. What leukocyte is the first line of defense againts foreign attack? Neutrohpile
  31. The cause of a person with TB in his lung is because …. (The failure of fagositosis of the bacteria)
  32. The internal environment that must be homeostatically maintained is ……(pH)

11-03-2010 Aldo





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