How to increase your Macbook Pro Battery Life

I’m a Macbook Pro owner and since 3 months ago I own this piece of technological marvelousness. However, there is a thing that concern me most: battery life. Even though it is advertised as having 7 hours++ of battery life, in reality the battery life is less than 4 hours.

The short battery life is due to dual Graphic Processing Unit that this machine has: AMD Radeon HD 6750M which is the graphic card that is used for “graphic intensive” application and Intel HD Graphic 3000 which is a integrated graphic card and use less energy compared to the AMD Radeon HD 6750M. In default, the MBP use a system of “dynamic switching” to determine which graphic card fires off in a certain time. For example, if you do Word Processing application such as Word, then the Intel HD Graphic 3000 will be used. But, if you play Skyrim, then the Radeon will start off.

The problem is, some application that do not need extensive graphic usage such as Skype fires off the AMD Radeon HD 6750 M, because of the excessive usage of this energy intensive card, your MBP battery life will be shortened considerably. From 8 hours (normal battery life) to 4 hours (if you use Radeon always)

This software: gfxCardStatus that is made by our fellow, Cody Krieger enables us to choose which one of the graphic card to use. It is a very helpful tool to increase your Mac battery life. It increase your battery life up to 2 hours. You can download the software here: 

Thanks a lot Cody Krieger,

Aldo Ferly- MBP owner 😀


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